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Foodie Friends- it has been far too long since the last update of wonderful places to dine in Dallas!While we normally like to review one restaurant per post, this is going to be a catch-all for the places we have visited in the past few months.

First on the Menu: NOSH

Do you remember the post about the “Sad News” a while back? Well AURORA closed and Chef Avner reopened in the same location with a new name: NOSH.We were HUGE fans of AURORA. The tastes were fabulous, the atmosphere was one of a kind and the service was outstanding. Same Chef, different idea didn’t translate well for us. NOSH is now what you might think of as your neighborhood bistro. Food like Houston’s on a smaller, less to choose from scale. But Houston’s would knock this place out of the park on flavor and taste. It is the opposite of what AURORA used to be; they are not seating close to 100 people a night, where AURORA used to have maybe 4 tables a night- on a good night. The feeling is more rushed, busy and noisy.
Short and Sweet: Don’t waste your time here. Stick to Houstons or R&D Kitchen if your wanting the American/ Bistro experience! The food is better and you will get more for your dollar!

Craving your favorite Sushi Roll? This place has all of your favorites and then some! All different varieties and sushi possibilities can be found on the Menu here.
This little gem is tucked in the back of the shopping center at Oak Lawn and Blackburn- behind GOOD EATS and WORLD MARKET. Its very cozy, dim lighting, friendly service and a well kept sushi secret in Dallas. Next time your craving a little fish in the raw- give SUSHI ZUSHI a try. It’s worth the search and the menu is very reasonably priced!

There are several delicious pizza places in town- however COAL VINES (on Maple and Cedar Springs) still remains a hot spot and local favorite. The atmosphere is fun, young and vibrant in the evenings. They have a happy hour and daily pizza specials up on the chalk board above the bar. The wine list has some great options by the glass and bottle and the servers are always up for a recommendation to pair with your favorite pizza! You can even build your own thin-crust master piece!

Since the venue is rather small- think real Italian pizza place: crowded, small, cozy and quit loud- then you have Coal Vines. So if you’re looking for a fun night out this is a great choice. If you’re looking for something a little more quiet and romantic, you will be better off trying this place early in the week!!

Fourth: SALUM
Just off quite, discrete and understated you will find SALUM. You would not think that behind such simple awning is such a tremendous kitchen and tastes!The menu changes frequently, so what we had is not even up for discussion anymore- but what is up for discussion are the new menu choices and flavors. (A good reason to go back)! The service is great- the food is even better and the ambience is chic but still relaxed: Think white/modern meets rustic and refined. This is one of the places that will be a great secret in Dallas for a while- the menu is always changing and evolving. Great for a romantic date-night or late night dinner option after the theater!
SALUM is one of our new favorite places in town!
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Hook Line & Sinker

Ever wanted to escape to the coast… just for Dinner and leave the everyday Dallas life for an hour or two?
Why haven’t you tried Hook Line & Sinker in Uptown then?

It’s been around for years and it’s still one of the best places for a quick seafood fix in Dallas. HLS is nothing like your ordinary uptown joint: Wooden park benches on the patio, old fishing boat motors line the railing, whiteboard menu above the open kitchen and the wide selection of hot sauces and horseradish… oh and did I mention $3 Beers!

So far, I’ve only been once. My partner in crime has been going for years, so I left the ordering to years of experience. And there was no disappointment.
1 pound of boiled shrimp and 1 pound of boiled crab legs… all for $23??!
Included in that you also get your choice of two sides.. we oppted for the boiled new potatoes and corn on the cob.

Hello- how can you go wrong?!
Along with the wide selection of hot sauce, there is plenty of cocktail sauce to go around and warm melted butter for your crab legs and corn.
Another menu favorite is the grilled Tilapia with rice and grilled veggies- you'll just have to make a few trips to taste so much greatness.
It’s a finger-lickin-good, roll-up your sleeves, peel and crack your own dinner kinda place. And yes, all this work is totally worth the taste, flavors and sauces you will treat your mouth to.

Headed back for another round: ASAP.
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Neighborhood Services Tavern

If you are looking to step out of your usual dining routine, and not go too over the top with crazy foods, then Neighborhood Services Tavern should be your next stop.
I’m pretty sure there is nothing bad on the menu here… I’ve been a hand full of times now and still haven’t found something I wouldn’t order again.

The Menu is set up a little differently than others… yes there are appetizers, entrées and desserts, but then there is also daily specials and (i.e. every Wednesday night is home-made Meatloaf; every Friday night is RIB NIGHT!) and then there are also 5 other specials that vary nightly: an east coast, west coast, pasta, beef, veggie and something else special that you can’t go wrong with.

As for appetizers, the spicy meatball tray is out of this world. Also the three different kinds of chick-pea (hummus) dips with flat bread are quite tasty!
When it comes to the main dish… you can’t go wrong with one of the nightly specials. However, if you like Chicken Fried Steak (which is the Thursday Night Special) be sure to arrive early… they sell out of this one. Yes, that’s how good it is.The Cleaver & Block Burger (ground chuck and brisket, cheddars, caramelized onions, frites) is scrumptious. We had the sliced Filet last time and it was De-lish!
I can’t remember what it’s called, but they serve a rice crispy treat sandwich filled with chocolate/coffee ice-cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with coconut shavings… Devine.

The little quirky touches of NHS Tavern are what make your dining experience so much more better (Yes, I just used the term ‘more better’!) This might sound strange… But you need to check out the restroom when you have dinner here. It’s different than any other restaurant restroom in town. A book on tape is playing on the PA system, there are all sorts of things you might need… toothpicks, mouthwash, other things I can’t recall, and the décor is brilliant. Another added touch is way you receive your bill: it is delivered under the cover of a miniature hard-back volume of an Encyclopedia.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post: GO TRY THIS PLACE.
I think tonight would be the perfect night to give it a go. A) Its Thursday: Chicken Fried Steak Night. And B) they don’t take reservations anyway, so you don’t have an excuse that you didn’t plan ahead;)